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Our hair designed in different sizes, shapes and colors from short to long, our eyebrows framing our eyes and our beards that give the image to the man …

Baldness is one of the most striking problems that both men and women have in common with cosmetic concerns. It is possible to get rid of this problem with an experienced team, technological equipment, a fully equipped clinic and communication based on understanding and trust.

We established the Roots Clinic to solve the problem of baldness with its experienced team working for more than ten years, state-of-the-art equipment, fully equipped clinic that provides patient satisfaction, and an understanding that ensures patient understanding and confidence.


What are we doing?

We know your concerns and expectations …

We use Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques that enable patients to achieve their dreams with impressive results. Our experts, who are in contact with you in every subject, are ready to provide you with confidence and happiness at every step from decision-making to your journey, from pre-treatment to hair transplantation.

Our team, which helps you to be mentally prepared, ensures that you enter the operation confidently and knowing the result; “Natural looking hair of your dreams!”

In our applications, we mainly use the Sapphire FUE Technique, which is the most valid technique in the world today. Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE Hair Transplantation Technique, with its short name, is the process of extracting active hair follicles under local anesthesia with the help of a device called micro-motor, and transplanting them into the channels opened in the hairless area with a sapphire tip medical pen. In this way, it is possible to regain your natural appearance.

In addition, with the DHI Technique, which we can also call Direct Hair Transplantation, active hair follicles are taken under local anesthesia with the help of a tool called micro-motor, and these roots, which are taken without opening the canal, are transplanted with a natural appearance.

Clinic skills

Our specialisations


FUE Hair Transplantation


DHI Hair Transplantation


Eybrow and Beard Transplant

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • From the beginning to the end, we provide guarantees for our transactions, taking responsibility for the entire process.
  • We inform you about all steps from the planning stage to the last process.
  • We apply Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques, which are the two most preferred different applications of the world.
  • We provide services in a fully equipped clinical environment and sterile conditions together with our experienced and internationally certified experts.
  • We perform hair transplantation by applying current and scientific techniques.
  • We guarantee a completely natural look.
  • We provide you with the hair you dream of.

What our patients say

Yıllarca özlemini çektiğim saçlarıma tekrar kavuştum, yıllarca iğne fobimden dolayı kaçtığım operasyonun bu kadar konforlu geçeceğini hayal dahi edemezdim!


العملية غير مؤلمة و الطاقم رائع جدا و العملية اكثر من ممتازة شكرا لكم طاقم روتس كلينيك


Ini adalah pertama kali saya datang ke Turki dan melakukan transplantasi rambut. Semuanya berjalan dengan baik dan tidak ada rasa sakit. Terima kasih Roots Clinic!!!


Nach meiner Operation kann ich endgültig sagen: 'Leute! Ich habe Haare! '' Danke für alles, danke an das beste Team und die beste Klinik in der Türkei.


لقد استعدت شعري ، الذي كنت أتوق إليه لسنوات ، لم أستطع أن أتخيل أن العملية التي تجنبتها لسنوات بسبب رهبتي من الإبرة ستكون مريحة


I would like to thank all team of roots clinic, they were very nice and high quality team, keep going Roots Clinic team! Such a good experince


Guys thank you for everything, it was like a vacation for me to make operation. Do not waste time! Please, do it with this amazing crew!


Я восстановил свои волосы, о которых я мечтал годами, я не мог представить, что процесс, которого я избегал годами из-за моего страха перед иглой, будет настолько комфортным!


Операция безболезненна, персонал замечательный, операция более чем отличная. Спасибо, персоналу Roots Clinic

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