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Eyebrow Transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

The eyebrows that frame the eyes and determine the shape of our expression disappear over time due to different reasons or cause the facial expression to be seen differently due to the hereditary shape. Incorrect aesthetic applications made in the past, the use of personal care products that are not suitable for the skin, traumas caused by effects such as burns, cuts, blows or accidents, diseases that cause hair follicles such as cancer, unidirectional and irregular nutrition, exposure to chemical products and genetic reasons. causes.

Tattoo or similar cosmetic edits do not contain a permanent result, although they may benefit temporarily.

Eyebrow transplantation is the most preferred transplantation application after hair transplantation.

As a donor, the grafts taken between the two ears and from the back of the head are transferred to the eyebrows.

How to Apply?

Before the procedure, the condition of the eyebrows is determined and the number of grafts needed in the application is determined. After that, a suitable profile is drawn on the face and the areas where the grafts will be transplanted are determined.

After the patient is given local anesthesia, grafts are taken from the donor area with their roots by a medical equipment called micro-motor. These collected grafts are transplanted one by one into new channels opened with a Sapphire tipped medical pen. The margin of error is extremely low with this pen, and the planting angle, direction and density of hair follicles give more successful results.

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Eyebrow Transplantation

The sapphire tip used in this application causes less damage to the skin. This shortens the healing process. Since the channels opened are at a micro level, there is almost no bleeding. Again, the risk of infection that may occur due to the size of the canals is the lowest among all transplantation methods.

Since it is an extremely simple and painless application, the patient can return to his daily life after the operation.

Eyebrows start to grow two weeks after application. Eyebrows can be started to be taken between eight and twelve weeks.

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