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Beard Transplant

 What is Beard Transplant?

Beard and mustache are of great importance for a man’s appearance. Some men do not have the desired density of beard and mustache due to congenital hereditary diseases and disease traumas, accidents, scars and similar reasons.

Sowing with local anesthesia requires greater attention than other procedures. It is very important to transplant in different parts of the face in accordance with the beard and mustache growing at different angles.

How to Apply?

After the local anesthesia applied to the patient, the roots taken from the nape area with the FGS method are transplanted to the relevant areas at the same time as one and two without waiting. During this application, there will be no traces of intake and transplantation.

Since it is a procedure performed with local anesthesia, there is no pain and swelling.

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Beard Transplantation

It is necessary to pay attention to facial expressions for at least one week after the application.

Two days after the application, the first wash is done and the transplanted beards begin to appear.

Mustache, beard and sideburns that grow after transplantation can be shortened by scissors after the first week. Shaving should not be done for the first ten days for the roots to hold.

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